Sunday, April 5, 2009

Definite keepers.

The kids and their apology letters, that is.

Here's a little background information. The kids were out playing the other day and started kicking an ornamental angel that we have in the backyard. Now, we have no attachment to this particular angel. It happened to come with the house and Zac just put it out in the landscaping. Anyway, apparently the angel broke and they sat down to write these apology letters:

"We were playing this game. My brother thought of this game. I'm sorry this happened, Mommy & Daddy, but my brother kicked harder than me. And that's it. Brooklyn"
(Can you see the sad face made out of the two "o's" in her name at the bottom?) Melt my heart!

"Dear Mom and Dad, I am sory because me and Brooklyn brock the angle outside. me and Brooklyn are very sory." Melt my heart again!
We have to have 3 of the sweetest kids on the planet!
Olivia and Grandpa are holding their own over here at OSF. Olivia is out of isolation. Again. We'll see how long she can make it last this time around. She's having a very sleepy day, which is good. I haven't gotten a report on Grandpa Rod lately, but when I went down yesterday, he looked a million times better. They are still just trying to get his kidney function back to baseline. He and Olivia are actually on some of the same medications, although Grandpa's doses are a bit higher =o) Hopefully, he'll be able to break out of here in the next couple of days!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!

What cute letters! They are such sweet kids and you are the best Mom I know. We are praying for Olivia and her grandpa Rod. We wish you all a happy Easter, Judy & Kevin

Anonymous said...

What sweet have such a way of just being truly honest and so sincere. Little sweethearts. Yeah out of isolation...keep it up Olivia! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hugs to all of you, including Rod and Sue. Checkrow was praying for you today.
Sally and Jim

Judy said...

That's hysterical that they went through all that trouble to write letters for an angel you don't really care about! Love the letters, definite keepers! Now if only I could get those kinds of apologies from some of the kids around here :)