Sunday, April 26, 2009

The recession.

Apparently Dunlap hasn't gotten the memo about the recession that seems to be going on. Houses are expensive. It's sad to think that the houses we looked at today are almost 4 times as much as our first house in Galesburg. Now, granted that was a smaller house and it was frequented by a few bats here and there, but it also had lots of character and was just a good house.
Anyway, we went house hunting today. We didn't quite fall in love with any particular house. Although, Zac did fall in love with one particular building company. He's one of those people that notices the construction of a house. I don't. So, we are actually entertaining the thought of building. That thought may pass by tomorrow, but it's on our minds tonight.
In the midst of all this, Zac's car died. His transmission went out. He made it to a friend's parent's house, and there it sits. So, after our house hunting, we went car hunting. We may have found a pretty good deal, but we'll have to see if it passes Zac's inspection later this week. But, I am excited to say that I may be getting a minivan back!!!
Olivia has had an awesome day! She's been more calm when she's awake and has required less "extra drugs." She's asleep now, so I'm thinking I better go do the same thing. It's been an exhausting day of running around!


Heather said...

Well, I guess the prices in Dunlap don't surprise me. I've had friends move back to the Peoria area, and like they's Metamora, Germantown Hills or Dunlap. And the prices aren't a bargain at any of those locations. Good thing, you know you are getting into a fantastic school district....

Crystal Montgomery said...

I can't imagine trying to house hunt or sell with the economy right now. I'm thankful my husband still has his job since a good portion of CAT got laid off, fired or asked to take early retirement. As for a new minivan, I wish I could talk my hubby into one. He refuses to even consider a minivan :( I can however hook you guys up with a salesman (my uncle) that won't take you to the cleaners. Times are tough...we could all use all the help we can get! Praying as always.

Claire said...

Oh, I'm so glad Olivia is doing well! I feel you on the prices front - I'm looking for a flat to rent in London from the summer and it's just crazy, price wise.


Nic said...

Oh....come back to the mini van world! See, you were the first mini mom...then I joined you...then you left me....please come back!

All your upcoming costs are stressing me out! I'm so glad that our trip in June is already paid for so you can't back out on us! I'm counting the days!!!!!