Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uneventful day.

Sorry about the lack in posting today. I got caught up in a book. It's actually not even a good book, but it sucked me in.
Anyway, Olivia has had a really good day. Her numbers have been great. She's been really awake and restless. She hasn't been sad at all, just restless. They may need to re-think her sedation. She usually likes to rub her eyes when she's awake, but she's been going for her vent tube. It would definitely not be in her best interest to yank that out quite yet! They do keep her restrained, but she wiggles her way down to where she can reach her face. She's one smart cookie!
Otherwise all is well!


The Hawkinson Gang said...

You forgot to mention you were too busy talking Nicole through her crisis . Thanks again Julie!