Sunday, April 5, 2009

The good and the bad.

The Good:
Grandpa Rod got to go home today! Yippee!
We also got to go celebrate our nephew, Alais' 4th b'day! He wanted donuts instead of a cake. I've never seen so many donuts in my life!

The Bad:
Olivia felt left out. Her blood pressure had been sitting pretty low since I got here this morning. She had just gotten her Methadone, which usually causes her pressures to drop a bit, but not for that long. For a while, they thought she may just be too dry, but even after pushing lots of extra fluids, she wasn't responding as well as she should. Her potassium kept creeping up, as well. The low blood pressures and the kidney dysfunction caused her to stop peeing, which is how a person gets rid of potassium. After some further investigation, they realized her creatinine (kidney proteins, or something like that) had doubled since this morning. The theory as of now is that one of her antibiotics may have gotten to somewhat toxic levels, which caused her kidneys to start shutting down. The high levels of the antibiotic can also cause her sedation medication to become exaggerated, which in turn can cause low blood pressures. Bottom line is: they discontinued the antibiotic, gave her some extra medications to counteract some of the problems she was having, cut back her sedation, and went up a bit on the vent. Worse case scenario: they would have to do temporary dialysis. The doctor does seem to think this whole process could get worse before it gets better, but we're hoping she decides to snap out of it and be all better. As of right now, it's looking that way. She's been peeing again, her pressures are great, her oxygen sats are great, and her heart rate is down. Picture perfect! Keep you posted...


Judy said...

Glad to hear that Uncle Rod is home :)