Friday, April 24, 2009


Olivia got to turn around!!! It was a rather lengthy process, but it's done and she tolerated it just fine! I even got to hold her for a little bit while they turned the bed around...bonus day! She already seems so much more comfortable, don't you think?

She had some balloons waiting for her when I came in this morning! She loves them! We hooked them to one of her restraints so every time she moves her arm, they bounce all around! She was holding on to them in her sleep earlier. So sweet. (Thanks Ryan, Judy, Christian, and McKenna!)

Anyway, she had a rough night last night. Apparently, her heart rate was in the 30's and her oxygen sats were in the 50's. Her blood pressure wasn't picking up at the time, so who knows what that would have been! It seems to be the consensus that she wasn't sedated enough. They did increase her sedation this morning, but she still is a wild woman when she wakes up. What else...she may get some blood today, and they may try to go down one little step on her vent.

She's on the roster for Monday's cath conference. They are going to discuss her possible constrictive pericarditis. If the surgeon agrees that it's worth it to go in and remove the scar tissue, she will most likely go on the schedule for later next week or the following week. It's starting to feel like we are at a bit of a stand still, again. It will be nice to make some headway.


Judy said...

I glad they got Olivia all turned around the right way! That's progress even if it is baby steps. I'm sure it was great to hold her even if it was for a short time!
When I saw her watching Barney yesterday the thought crossed my mind that she would love a Barney balloon! Well, apparently only Olivia thinks Barney is all that popular anymore and the giftshop didn't have any. So I hope Dora brightened her day a little bit! Dora was McKenna's choice, she loves Dora!! It never occurred to me before to call the hospital giftshop, but they made it so easy. Why didn't I think of that two years ago?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chattertons! I have a special request. We are hosting a dinner of sorts in honor of Laynie on May 23rd and we chose a heart child and their family that we would like to help or take donations for during this time...we chose Olivia :) If you could email me I would appreciate it. We would love to hear your needs and if you had any special pictures or had time to write "Olivia's story" down in a short and sweet way we would love to be able to share it with others. Just let us know your thoughts. My email is
Thanks - Jill Gerst

Claire said...

Oh I'm glad they got Olivia turned round OK. I'm praying for you all.