Friday, April 17, 2009

Stable night.

Olivia had a really stable night. They were able to turn down a couple of things on the vent. Her numbers are all good and her blood gases have still been showing improvements. I wish I could explain more about the vent setting that she is on, but I don't quite know how to explain it. I think she basically inhales for 3.5 seconds and exhales for .3 seconds. It's strange to watch, but she seems to like it.
Her secretions have been much better. On Wednesday, another big concern was that her lungs were bleeding. As of yesterday, there weren't any signs of bleeding when they suctioned her. They haven't come around to do rounds yet, so I don't know if there are many plans for today, but I'll be sure to update when I know =o)


The Malcolm Family said...

I am glad Olivia is holding her own. We will continue to pray for her. My daughter Abi always says look at that cute baby when I go to your blog. Abi and Olivia are the same age, But I always say yes she is a beautiful baby!!! She is a fighter and I know god is keeping a close eye on her.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to here that Olivia had a quiet uneventful night. Hopefully you got some sleep too. Praying that today is more of the same!