Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our wild child.

It seems as though Olivia is crazy!!!
She's all over the place. This whole sedation thing is for the birds. It's taking so many drugs to keep her calm. Part of this is because she has been on so many of these drugs so many times. Her Down's is also to blame. Kids with Down syndrome have such a high tolerance to pain and pain medication, or so I hear.
Because of her craziness, she has been inching her vent tube out every once and a while. They've had to push it back down twice in the last 24 hours. We are praying it stays in!


Anonymous said...

I stopped by to see u and every time I do ur not there, so hi and we are praying for u.

Claire said...

Oh man. Praying!


Anonymous said...

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garrick and rachel, and zander said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers. I know the Lord hears them and listens to every single one but sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough. Your little love has endured so very much. God works through the doctors and nurses and all those that love her. If there is any more that we can do, please put the word out there. Love, The Baxter's