Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Monday.

I'm sure glad we got the sun yesterday, because it's nowhere to be found today. Just an icky day.
Everyone had a great Easter. The Easter bunny found us...especially Olivia. She has a pink bunny in her room that's bigger than her, a basket full of goodies from Child Life, and lots of other fun stuff. She always gets so spoiled when she's up here!
She has had a good weekend overall. The goal is to wean down her Nitric Oxide from 40 parts per million to 20 parts per million by sometime this afternoon. She's been tolerating that just fine. Her platelets are back down again - from 38,000 yesterday to 18,000 today.
The results from her cath lab are done, but we are going to discuss them this afternoon in our family meeting. Dr. Shah was going to consult some doctors in Denver and New York and see if there are any other good options out there. Hopefully they can come up with something.
I didn't do a good job with pictures this weekend, but I do have a few from the Easter egg hunt. I'll try to post those later.


Anonymous said...

I feel you! Because I am that pathetic, the song running through my head is the one by the Carpenters that goes "rainy days & Monday's always get me down."

We need to go shopping, Ethan's favorite thing (ha!)& he's off school today so all I've heard so far today is how much he hates shopping. Plus, Tova has a snotty nose that she likes to blow, sans kleenex, when she's mad which is often. Gavin has no clothes & it's going to rain/snow today. Blech.

Hope the family meeting goes well today & you are able to figure out a plan of action.

Anonymous said...

I hope the meeting goes well today for all of you. I continue to smile when I read about the good days that Olivia is having. Pink bunnies are the best...especially when they are bigger than you! :-) Take care!
Kara- Dixon