Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not much to report.

Things are still going well. There's not much to report, which is a good thing. Sorry I haven't updated, but I just figured if there wasn't much going on, there wasn't much to report. I got a call that apparently that wasn't okay. Sorry =o)


Anonymous said...

Well, now you know. Don't let it happen again ;-P

Ashlee said...

Hey lady, its Ashlee (Peytons mom) We were next to you thur out the whole month after Peytons surgery, until you all got to go home. I just am letting you know We (my whole family) are praying for your Sweet Princess. I really hope these prayers work, and she gets turned around, just like Peyton did. We are thinking about you all the time, and hope all is well. My e mail is Send me an e mail, id love to chat with you!!

Judy said...

It's always good to get an update and I'll admit I probably account for about 15 of the hits on your blog today, but it's not about us out here in blogland :) We're still praying even when we don't hear anything for awhile. Take a break if you need it!