Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunny Saturday

What a big weekend so far. Zac went to Champaign last night and stayed down there to run a half a marathon this morning. He claims it's the perfect distance and he loved it. You don't feel bad like you do after a marathon but you still feel like you've accomplished something. I'm just taking his word for it.
Jack went in late last night to meet up with Uncle Ty and Aunt Jenn and stayed at the hotel with them. Brooklyn got up early this morning to head in to the hotel so she could swim. Then off to spend a day with her cousins to do lots of Easter stuff.
Olivia is having a good day. No changes, but she is definitely interacting more when she is awake. She'll point to the pictures in her books and tries to point at my mask if I get close enough to her. She did get some blood last night, which always perks her up a bit.
And as for me...I'm spending time with Olivia today and then heading out to do some shopping...


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, He is risen, Alleluia!

Lynn Lotz

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Liv!!!

Bethany, PICU